I almost didn’t go to this concert. Luckily, my great friend is obsessed with Fink and his creative work, and she often shares his songs, which is how I was introduced to his music, through her, so it didn’t take much convincing into going to Novi Sad to attend his gig together, and also write this review. We hung out during that beautiful day, got some rest and went to Firchie Think Tank Studio. Doors were opening at 8PM, I think we were there even a bit before that, which was coincidentally a great thing because Fink said Hello to us on his way in. My friend melted instantly, of course, and I don’t think she was very functional at the moment, haha. I thought it was pretty cool, I adore “down to earth”-ness and how relaxed some famous people can be, and I believe that if we weren’t stumped by his “Hello” we would’ve had a drink with the guy and a nice chat. Next time, for sure.

Whoever knows and follows Fink’s career knows what he is about, and whoever doesn’t but they attended the gig anyway, it’s very likely that they will start listening to his music. Nowadays, people honestly get happy about the quality of music, in contrast to what’s available on today’s music scene where you can rarely find something that amazes you on the first listen and makes you love it even more with every play. Listening to Fink’s songs you gradually realize the strength of emotion, honesty and an ordinary guy connected with a rarely surpassed talent of composing music and creating the sound, bringing it out through incredible lyrics which dig through our depths…

Before the concert they played a movie where the theme was DJ-ing, vinyls, sampling and how all of it affected the flow of changes of music throughout history, and a lot of musicians, such as Bowie, Mick Jagger, Morrissey, etc, talked about music and some of their impressions. At first I thought the movie was supposed to be about Fink, but that’s the thing – it was a movie about people and music that have inspired him to become what he is now. We went outside for a while. At that moment there weren’t many people in the club and it was a bit hard for us to understand, is it possible that people don’t listen to this music? As soon as we got back inside, we could barely go through the crowd and get to a good spot where we could stand and watch the show.

The smoke machine made the ambiance as if we were somewhere deep in a forest, where the fog was very thick and that the only thing we had was some light and that was the only thing that could help us get out of that forest. The music absolutely contributed to that feeling.  Simple and poetic, loud and melancholic. The concert started out with “Warm Shadow” and it introduced a mean selection of songs for the night. They switched from songs off the new album, back and forth to some older songs. Next one was “Day 22” from the his latest, “Resurgam”, after which they played “Sort of Revolution”. Next song was a fantastic new ballad “Not Everything Was Better in the Past”. From older songs that are very well known to fans, they played “Perfect Darkness” and “Looking Too Closely”. “Fall into the Light” made the atmosphere hypnotic, and “Godhead” made everything a bit dancey halfway throughout the concert. ”Word to the wise” Greenall played on the keyboard, creating an extraordinary quiet, intimate and pleasant energy at that moment. The gig ended, with the band coming back on the stage to play “This is the Thing”. The band is perfectly synchronized after 9 fantastic albums. The connection with the audience was more than made and I think Greenall received quite an emotional feedback. Mixture of blues, alternative and indie rock with elements of electronic effects left the audience breathless. Fink spoke to the audience between songs, whether to introduce the next song or tell an anecdote, and he didn’t miss a chance to mention the excitement he felt for the venue. The atmosphere at Firchie Think Thank Studio was more than ideal, white smoke was everywhere, the lights were dimmed and the acoustics were perfection. We were very glad to be able to listen to a band like this and someone who worked and collaborated  with world famous musicians. We are looking forward to Fink’s next concert here.

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Written by Tamara Fijat & Mirela Crnojakić (Serbian Alternative Scene: FB)
Photos by Maša Vujinović