Vikowski is an indie synth pop act that comes from Italy. Right now Vikowski is doing a tour and played three shows in Serbia (Subotica, Novi Sad and Belgrade). I had a chance to see the act live in Novi Sad, at Crna Kuća. The music is dark but uplifting, mellow but dinamic. There is this depth in the music and the way the lyrics are sang. Hearing Vikowski for the first time, without listening to the music prior to the live performance, was an interesting musical surprise and if I ever get a chance to attend the show again, I will probably be in the first row, swaying and singing all the lyrics. Photos don’t say much about the sound so make sure you check the music out on FacebookSoundCloudYouTube and Tumblr. There is also an Instagram you can follow.

Band WENT is from Belgrade, Serbia. I instantly loved their music when I discovered them back in 2010. on Last.FM, and I became a lifelong fan. I went to many of their gigs and each time it’s different, it’s better and more enjoyable than the previous time. They have evolved, musically, as well as lyrically. Their energy on stage manages to fully engage you and the bits between the songs are something you really want to pay attention to, whether it’s an interesting story, an anecdote, or just an introduction into the next song. They combine indie, folk, rock, shoegaze and whatever they think of, and even though it might seem like something you’ve heard before, it is “packaged” so well, with great lyrics, that, if you heard them playing somewhere, on the radio, you would know it was them. Without further ado (and me fangirling), check out the photos and the video of their performance, as well as their FacebookSoundCloudBandCampYouTube and Deezer. Also, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!