First of all, I had no idea this was going to be such a spectacle. When I arrived to the venue, there were already so many people there, waiting, drinking and having a good time. I left my jacket at the cloak room and proceeded to check out the merchandise table. There was so many things there, I wish I could have bought all of it. I usually just get buttons/badges, but there weren’t any, so I ended up buying Mark Lanegan picks, which I’m going to give to my friend who couldn’t be there with me. I went there by myself and ran into a friend who was also taking photos of the show. I did not expect him there and I love it when that happens. He is a big fan of Mark Lanegan Band, by the way!

The lights dimmed and the only light there was purple, hitting the stage. Artist by the name of Lyenn arrived to the stage, singing melancholic songs that get under your skin immediately. Ranging from soft whispering over emotional singing to screaming his lungs out, it certainly gives you chills all over your body and soul. Make sure to check out his Website from where you can check out his other social media as well.

Next up on stage was Joe Cardamone. Unknown to me from before, but luckily, that mistake on my side was fixed by coming to this show. Before his performance, a video was played on the screen, which really fuckin’ grabbed all of my attention. You can watch it here on YouTube. His performance was only him, singing over the pre-recorded music, in front of the screen that showed all sorts of videos and images, including a video of ruins from Aleppo. Pretty strong performance, if you ask me. For more information on this guy, check out his Website.

Next on stage, and the main act, Mark Lanegan Band, graced the stage for the 4th time now. Their first three performances were held back in 2012, 2013 and 2015. This one is specifically important to me since it’s my first time attending their gig. I was happy to see the venue full, with so many different generations, older and younger, all gathered to experience and enjoy the music that has touched so many. The band was perfectly in sync playing their music from the bottom of their hearts, which put everyone in the room in a transcendental ecstasy. They made the whole evening a night to remember for a long, long time.