Oh dear god, wow! Last night was… well, WOW! I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw and heard such great opening acts, that worked so well with the main act. First up was Sergio Lounge, a “fictional character” as it says on the Facebook page. I had no idea about the existence of this act. During the entire performance I had a feeling like I was at an 80s prom night that you see in the movies, what with all the 80s sound and 80s attire. Possibly the best item on stage was a coloured computer keyboard that serves as a musical instrument, that caught my eye immediately. I loved their energy and the ambiance they created, everyone was dancing and loving it! I will definitely be looking out for the future performances because they are not to be missed! In the meantime I will be going through Sergio Lounge’s BandCamp, as should you!



Next up, Frau Casio! You may know the lead singer from the band Lollobrigida. I remember being in first row at Exit festival back in 2009, I think, for their performance. Great times! Frau Casio is kind of like a sister project, a bit darker and heavier but still very very dancy! Apart from me being very amateuristic at taking photos, it was impossible to take a good photo of Ida because she was all over the stage, dancing and jumping and singing! She wasn’t the only one doing that – everyone in the crowd was doing the same! Even though I really liked Lollobrigida, I have to say I am digging Frau Casio’s sound so much more and it is, without any doubt, something that our music scene needs. If you would like to check it out, head over to their SoundCloud. And Facebook! They deserve all the likes!


Ahhh, !!!, who knew I was going to see them again! First time I saw them was actually last year at Sziget Festival. They were amazing! Last night they were differently amazing, and I am so happy to have been able to see them in both festival and concert setting. Even though there was more people at the festival, !!! were not lacking in energy, dynamics on stage and making everyone dance their butts off. My legs still hurt from just a bit of dancing. Again, because they were all over the stage, taking great photos was impossible, but it was incredible seeing them do their thing, and it’s always the best things that camera cannot capture. !!! is basically a band that knows how to throw an awesome party, with everyone having fun, singing and dancing, and frankly, I’m pretty sure it could’ve gone like that for the entire night. For more on them, check out their Facebook from where you can check their other social media, it’s super fun!