Kvaka 22 (Catch 22) is an alternative art space, created by gathering a group of young authors. It’s imagined as a place where young artists meet up, exchange ideas, present and create their art. The space serves as a platform for actualisation of many different artistic projects and educationally practical workshops, as well as connecting young artists from Belgrade, the Balkans, Europe and the World. It’s a nice, cozy place, a hidden jem, couple of blocks from Monument of Vuk Karadžić. Concerts are held there, movie screenings and many, many other things. It mostly works on donations and good will, which makes it an interesting place to visit and have a good time. For more information, check out their website.

On Sunday, November 19th, I visited Kvaka 22, for the second time (the first time I went there was for a movie screening of Monterey Pop – rockumentary about a festival that inspired Woodstock). There were so many people there, all awaiting to listen to a girl by the stage name ŠećeЯ, who hails from Croatia. Her first single Reci, reci mi (Tell, tell me) was released in December 2016, and her album came out it June 2017, named Varijacije na tugu (Variations on sadness). We had the opportunity to hear most of the songs off of it, and, to put everything in one word, the whole performance, it was beautiful. When I listened to the songs on BandCamp, I did think it was nice and cute and sad and emotional, but it wasn’t until I’ve heard and seen everything live that I’ve really felt the depth of it all. Once you see the person in front of you, playing an acoustic guitar, strumming the strings in her own personal way and singing words that she wrote from the heart, smiling and talking to the audience – you feel it more deeply. You see it is not just music, not just a song, not just an album, not just an artist – it is an emotion, or rather – emotions, all bared in front of you. And those emotions fueled this small masterpiece of art. Her voice is sensitive and soft, yet so strong and powerful that it filled the whole room, and also our hearts. The audience visibly enjoyed and had their attention entirely focused on her, loving every song and sound she played. I enjoyed as well, very much so, and hopefully it will not be too long until I listen to her live again, somewhere, someday.

To check her online, head over to her Facebook and BandCamp to follow new concert announcements and new music.