Same space as last time but a different gig. I have already written about Kvaka 22 in my previous post – such a great place! This time they brought Anne Marie and The End Is Near, to grace us with their music!

Anne Marie comes from Subotica, Serbia. She is a singer/songwriter and has recored with other bands previously (DSubFacesZli JeziciSputñik), whereas at the moment she is active in Wooden Ambulance as a vocalist and a percussionist. She is focusing on her solo project, which is a collection of ideas and collaborations with various musicians. I’ve met her about a year ago, I think, through a mutual friend and I’m literally stoked to see her perform live anywhere I am able to attend. Her performance was a bit short (or it was just short for me, since I love seeing her perform) but so great. Her energy “on stage” worked so well with the whole room. It was intimate and cute and lovely, and I could listen to her voice for days. You can check her music out on Deezer and if you like it (and you will), like her page on Facebook. I took a little video as well, make sure to watch it!

Next up were The End Is Near. First time I saw these guys live was in Novi Sad not long ago. I loved their vibe so much, I felt like they were reviving country folk music in their own way and I actually thought they were doing covers of old country folk songs, but no!, those are actually their songs, written and composed by them, which amazed me even more! You don’t get to hear that mixture of music that often nowadays.Their performance at Kvaka 22 was energetic, dynamic, more upbeat and more engaging with the crowd that was singing and dancing and enjoying every song. It was impossible not to enjoy! I am hoping to see more of this band in near future, maybe in a form of an album, EP or something. Until then, check out the photos and the live video and their Facebook page. Enjoy!

Also, Sara from the band WENT contributed some of here photos, so enjoy that as well!