The band Sana Garić consists of three members: Feđa Tom Franklin – drums & percussions, Pavle Popov – keyboards & guitar and, of course, Sana Garić – keyboards, vocal & programming. Sana previously had a band named XanaX that was active since 2009 up until recently when she decided to do a solo album. If you’re into exploring other bands Sana has worked with, check out Grupa Beograd and Svemirci as well. Anywho, Sana Garić is an interesting mixture of electronic, 80s, synth-pop, disco, no wave, electro pop, dark wave, new wave and who knows what else. First time I found out about them and saw them live was at Exit Festival in Novi Sad earlier this year and they totally blew me away. I was dancing throughout the whole performance and I was enjoying it with my friend who was also dancing his butt off! The gig at Chillton cannot exactly be compared to their festival performance. Chillton is a small, cozy bar, a hidden Belgrade gem, where everyone probably knows everyone (or so it seems), so it was a very intimate performance actually, which I always love experiencing. Even though it was a lot smaller venue with way less people than the festival setting, the musicianship of the band didn’t fail to amaze me, and again, I could not stand still even though I was trying to take photos and record a video. The bar had a great ambience and it was a bit dark which made it even more intimate and the only thing that was lacking was a disco ball with couple of lasers pointing in all directions. They are having concerts left and right, so make sure you catch them live soon and not miss a chance at enjoying this band’s music. Until then, like their Facebook page, listen to them on Deezer and watch their videos on YouTube.