Pop Depression / Pop DepresijaŠkripa Pub and Kišobran joined forces to bring us the amazing Peter Broderick, as well as Egret, a Serbian singer/songwriter, for whom this was the first performance in Belgrade.


The venue where the gig was at is called Sprat and it is located above Zaokret, in Cetinjska 15. It was my first time there, and all I can say is that it’s a great little venue for intimate gigs like this one, and it was decorated perfectly for this occasion. I’m hoping for more gigs in the future at this lovely little hidden gem of a place.

If you try to google Egret, all you will get are pictures of a type of bird and if you search for him on youtube, you will find videos of the same bird. Unfortunately, there is only one video/song of his and it’s the one for his song “Knot”. Hopefully, that will change very soon and we will all have these beautiful masterpieces to listen to.







Fortunately, his performance consisted of more than one song and each one of them were little perfections. I got lost in his voice and in the emotions he so effortlessly showed us through magical piano melodies and breathtaking lyrics. If the music someone creates shows their soul, then his soul is divine. It was a bit hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this guy is not yet super famous. But he will get there, I’m sure. Even Peter said that his act was hard to follow and that he sees a great future for him. And I think everyone, present there, saw it too.



Next up was Peter Broderick, a multi-instrumentalist from Oregon who currently resides in Ireland and who has worked with numerous people in the music industry. He immediately introduced us to how he wrote his first song and he sang it, unexpectedly “acapella” style. The song showed great potential to what he has musically become to this day, an amazing musician. He played the piano, a guitar, even a violin, at times using looper for additional effects, and it made me feel like I was at three different concerts and not just the one. With each instrument he showed a separate side of his musical virtuosity, but all combined set us up for a night to remember. He spoke between songs and connected with the crowd, made us laugh and made us think.


At one point he sang a song someone before the show asked him to sing that he totally forgot about – it was about a girl who broke up with him and to get back with her, he wrote this song. She took him back and then he broke up with her, haha. He also sang songs by Arthur Russell who I had not heard about before, and I am very grateful for this musical find. The atmosphere and the energy in the room were nice and intimate, it was not too crowded but still filled with people who enjoyed the show entirely. Peter even went into the crowd to take a puff of a cigarette, which I think was an amazing non-musical moment. The entire evening was a ball and I am truly looking forward to seeing Peter again in near future.