Polet is a super nice place which I discovered last year. It’s situated at the bottom of Cetinjska 15 in Belgrade, where the whole complex used to be a brewery, some time ago. It looks very rustic, and the atmosphere is super chill. There is always someone’s artwork all over the walls and they have all sorts of happenings going on there, from poetry nights to book promotions, cool parties to live performances, etc.

You can check out their facebook page here, for more info and events: FB
While you’re at it, here’s their Instagram and YouTube.

On Monday, February 19th, Polet had a special guest, all the way from Australia (my second home) and I couldn’t miss this performance for the world, and I am glad I didn’t! Her name is Zoe Kelly, she is a singer/songwriter who comes from Sydney and currently resides in Belgrade. I had the opportunity to meet her before the show and she was just the nicest person ever. (Zoe, if you’re reading this, we should get a pint sometimes, haha). The place was crowded with people, some of them Zoe’s friends/fans, some were intentionally there and some found themselves there probably not even knowing what was happening – but all of them, together, made the atmosphere so lively and uplifting that it made my heart full. Zoe graced us all with her lovely, beautiful voice and numerous songs, about her personal experiences, money and how we don’t really need it all that much, her brother, love, etc. Her lyrics are soulful and meaningful, cute and sometimes quirky. The entire performance was filled with great vibes and good energy. If she performs anywhere near you, make sure you don’t miss out.

To check out her music, go to her SoundCloud and listen to everything on repeat!