You know, it takes a lot to compose a song, to conceive it completely… not just find a good riff and play it until the end”, Robert Telčer told me once. While in hurry to the rehearsal, he added: “Rock’n’roll is truly something special. Really, nothing can compare.” He was right. The concert I attended last Thursday was incomparable. Although, I think it’s like that with every performance of Veliki Prezir. Four boys – four mature music mages – creating both tornado and tenderness at some small stage.
Concert started with one of the favourites, gloriously melancholic song “Sutra“, without any ado. They continued with other legendary songs such as “Danima”, “Neobična Sumnja”, “Samo Tebe Znam”, “300 Čuda”. At one point in concert, Kole wipes his sweaty forehead, and looks into the crowd. The girls, like every time, yell out to him to take his clothes off. He asks: “Would you like to hear the new song?” Everyone yells out: “We would!” He goes: “Well, you can’t!” He smiles slightly and continues taking us on a ride with his guitar into the night. Colourful lights above them, as always, complete this voyage into that entirely unique world made out of vojvodinian mildness, Belgradian heaviness and special vision of love from the songwriter’s mind. Someone from the crowd yelled out “Serious Maaan!” (“Ozbiljan čovek!”, which is a song by a band Jarboli, whose frontman Boris Mladenović plays the bass here), to which Kolarić smiled at, and Boris said: “Wrong baaand!” and continued to play. When the song “Ne znam” started playing, the crowd was up in the air singing. Feet and hands were waving to the clear dark sky and to these four brave sailors on that wave where all of us were. Kids and people, witches and workers, ladies and little dreamers. Songs that followed were “No No”, “Konj”, “Promene”, “Slušam te”. All of us were already taken away, swept away, shattered. Alcohol, cigarettes – no, that wasn’t it. This was something unlike any usual pleasure. Every hit of the drum (and they were strong – mister Robert Radić uses them easily, like a xylophone, and powerfully like series of thunders), every bass line (Boris Mladenović plays the bass as if it’s the most important body part), every boyishly masterful shredding on the guitars of Kolarić and Telčer, all of it takes us in deeper and more pleasing than any other vice.
The guys didn’t talk much. Everything was said through the music, lyrics, through lacerating solos and joint instrumental explosions. Kole waited until they came out to play the encore, and said: “Before the communal police dispel us, let’s play this!”. Boris asked for more beer for Kole and him. Telčer was getting his beers from somewhere only he knew. The encore took everyone through the sweetness of songs “Suncokreti” i “Dobro je”, which ended with a beautiful crescendo and ultimate ecstasy. Our ears were ringing. And they will continue to. Our hearts were jumping with joy. Everyone was wet. Hairs on the stage were against hot foreheads, and ours were everywhere. Kole added: “Now that everyone is naked, we can all go home”. And we did. Even though for some time it was impossible to sleep.
I hope this is only a beginning of some new chapter. We are waiting for new gigs and some new hymns. This band always knew how to ascend and endlessly, but forever unadjusted, reinvent themselves. Veliki Prezir? (meaning The Great Contempt) More like one great psychedelic, magical experience.

by: Ariel Cemović
You can read the original version in Serbian at Kulturni Kišobran.