I first saw Jessie Ware while I was living in Australia, at a Laneway Festival in Sydney, back in 2013. I don’t remember much from that performance (there were probably 20 other bands that I saw that I also don’t remember performances by), only that she was amazing and that I was happy to be able to see her live. At the time I hadn’t thought that I would get to see her again, in the city where I was living and in my own country – Belgrade, Serbia!


Thanks to Strangefear (FB) I was able to attend this amazing concert. I had no idea I could get into VIP section so I went to say hello to my friend and somehow I hung out with couple of celebrities, so that was pretty cool. DJ Marko Milosavljević was warming us up with some great tunes for an hour before Jessie Ware graced the stage. I don’t want to praise her too much or write a super-long review here, because no matter how much I praised her or how long I would do it for, it wouldn’t even come close to describing the reality of last night’s performance. First I have to say that the band was incredible, and I enjoyed their energy very much. Jessie should totally perform under a new name – Jessie and the (insert name)s. Great combination of an amazing vocal and a super energetic band. I love how Jessie sounded the same as her recordings, but, like, a thousand times better! Her voice – at times so sensual and seductive, and at other times so emotional and heartbreaking – made me feel many emotions, from ultimate happiness to a bit of sadness. She sings so beautifully it made me want to cry. (Just for the record, I didn’t.) Her interaction with the audience was great – we started off as “strangers” but quickly became best mates. She asked us how to say “thank you” in serbian and learned that it was “hvala” so she then told us “Hvala for being here!”. It was her first time in Serbia and I hope we all left a good impression, because she sure did! What I didn’t know is that she doesn’t do encores and I don’t think anyone actually knew that fact. After the last song, “Wildest Moments“, they all went off the stage as the concert was over. The crowd stood still, not even thinking of leaving the venue, cheering for Jessie to come out and do an encore. Eventually, she did go out on the stage, told us that she doesn’t do encores generally, but we “wouldn’t shut up” so she did three more songs and told us to go to bed after it, haha. All in all, an extraordinary concert and definitely a memorable one.