Here we are again at Sprat, this time for the EP promotion of Tankman‘s Opportunities on Hold. For this opportunity (on hold :P), the opening act was ROGI.
Behind Tankman is Goran Štrbo, super talented and a sweetheart of a guy who I’ve met through the band WENT, who I have already written about here. I’ve also written about his other project The End Is Near – here! I’ve known about his new project for a while and I honestly couldn’t wait for it! A bit more on that later…

ROGI, the opening act, who I finally had the chance to hear live (I’ve only listened to his BandCamp on repeat and heard his DJ set at Kafe Šupa), was more than I expected. Through his music I felt soul, emotion, groove, and all in all good vibes. As if you’re taking a stroll down the beach somewhere in California, thinking about that special someone. His presence is so captivating in its honesty and soulfulness. He makes you dance, he makes you sing and he makes you glad that you are there experiencing his music live. To show you just a glimpse of the performance he held, here are some photos.

When Tankman hit the stage, I didn’t really know what to expect, except that, from previous experience of his other bands, it was going to be great. And it was. Lovely lyrics, a beautiful voice, and an energy that you cannot describe. One of those “you just had to be there” gigs. Goran performed a couple of songs by himself after which Stefan Pejatović, Luka Arežina and Milica Mitić joined him on stage. The audience was dancing and singing along most of the time and pretty much enjoying the concert as well as themselves. I was completely overwhelmed by their performance and how uplifting they sounded, and at that moment I really needed that. Tankman has made me an instant fan and I am definitely looking forward to future happenings.