Another lovely night at Sprat in Cetinjska 15, Belgrade. This time, the occasion was the 5th edition of Americana Night. Americana Night is a festival which was founded back in 2013, with the idea of gathering bands whose expression falls into the sphere of indie rock and american folk. Americana. I’ve known about this festival for a while now, but never had the chance to attend, until now. Some of the bands that have performed at this festival in its earlier years are Stray DoggWooden AmbulanceWentOn TourAna ĆurčinJ.R. AugustThe Mothership OrchestraIrena ŽilićJester’s PlayMy Buddy MooseNLVIlija Ludvig and others. When I arrived to the venue, the place was already half-full. I was happy to see couple of my friends there, so I was not all alone in experiencing the Americana Night.


First up was Sir Croissant, with an angelic voice, coming from Banja Luka. I was taken aback when I heard his soft voice singing beautiful melodies. I couldn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, but seeing most of them now, I’m only hoping for a new chance to see him live, with lyrics in my mind, to experience his performance at least one more time. To understand what I am talking about, just take a listen to his BandCamp where he has two EPs released: Let me sleep EP and if i was a fish i would cry EP.

(Unfortunately, the light was very dim and most of my photos didn’t turn out great, but here they are anyway)


Next up on the stage was Lovely Quinces, from Split, who performed at Americana Night once before. I remember listening to her music on a radio show – Kozmic Blues radio show, back in the day, but I only just got a chance to actually hear her live. And boy, was I missing out. In her voice I could hear numerous well-known strong rock and blues female vocals, but couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, whose voice it reminded me of. We agreed that it’s all of them together, but also none of them, because her voice is so amazingly unique. The energy, the edge, everything about her was just astonishing. Always great to see and hear someone rockin’ out so much. You can check her music out on her BandCamp.

Paul Cherry graced the stage next, with his band, and it opened my mind to a new psychedelic drug in the form of music. You can’t possibly put this type of music into a single genre. I don’t think even 45 would do! So many elements, all different, but all so complementing each other in this groovy explosion of sound. I’m lost for words, so go check out his BandCamp and this amateur video I took of couple of songs from his performance from Sunday. Enjoy!